The Tri-Parishes of
St. Joseph - Lankin ~ St. John Nepomucene - Pisek ~ Sts. Peter & Paul - Bechyne
St. John Nepomucene Catholic Church
167 Newtown Ave ~ Pisek, North Dakota (Map)
The first school house was built in 1882.  It was in this
school house that the first Holy Sacrifice was offered in
May 1884 by Farther F.X. Sulak, a Jesuit Missionary, born
in Bohemia.  In 1886, Pisek became a mission and
organized a parish.  There were 16 parishioners.  John F.
Lovcik donated seven acres of land upon which a church
26 feet by 40 feet was built for $800.  Matthew Vlasek
erected the first church.

In 1887, the church was blessed on the feast of St. John
Nepomucene, May 16; therefore, St. John Nepomucene
was chosen as the church patron.

Monsignor Joseph Hessoun, a Missouri priest,
conducted services on July 5, 1987.  From 1886-90, Rev.
Vaclav Dvorak from Wahpeton served mass once a
month.  Rev. Thomas Rabsteinek came to offer mass
necessitated the erection of a new church (pictured left)
in 1892.  Bishop John Shanley laid the corner stone and
dedicated the church St. John Nepomucene.  Rev.
Charles Votypka was installed as first resident priest in

Rev. Francis Just served from 1902-1921.  The church
was painted, during his stay, in 1916.  Unique colored
windows were installed and new stations of the cross
were bought for the church.

Rev. Thomas Balloon served from 1921-28. During his
stay, a full basement and winter chapel were put under
the church and a furnace was installed.  Citizens of Pisek
used horse teams and scrapers to dig out the basement.

Rev. Sverma came from Veseleyville to offer mass before
Rev. Arthur Huebach came in 1928.  During his stay, the
Virgin Mary (for girls) and the St. Aloysious Society (for
young men) were established.  Rev. Gallus Sherman
was here in 1929.

Rev. Francis Tomanek served from 1929-33 and Rev.
Jon Turek until 1947. Rev. Placid Sasek served from
1947-48 until Rev. John Roth arrived.  In 1948, St. Anne's
Fatima shrine was erected on parish grounds.  The
furnace was converted to oil.  In 1974, the interior of the
church was painted, roof reshingled and steeple
repaired.  St. John's Guild was organized in 1962
consisting parish women as members.

An annex was added to the west side of the church in
1975, which includes a front lobby, front and side
entrances, a prayer room and rest rooms.  Rev. Roth
served our parish until January 1981.

Rev. Stanley Leisnoiski, coming from Fargo, served our
parish on weekends until May 1981. Rev. Vincent
Tuchscherer served from May through June 1981.  
Various priests from Fargo served us until Rev. Leonard
Loegering came in August 1981.  During his stay, the
Adult Lay Ministry, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters,
Lectures, Liturgical Setting and Vocational Contact were
organized.  He was reassigned in 1991 and Rev. Vernon
Smith joined us until 1995.

Rev. Luke served as interim pastor until Rev. John Fallon
was appointed in August 1996.  Rev. Fallon was
reassigned in 2002 and we were joined by Rev. John
Lewandowski until 2005.

Rev. Samuel Ezeibekwe joined us in 2005 and served St.
John's and its mission parishes, St. Joseph's - Lankin
and Sts. Peter & Paul - Bechyne until his unexpected
death on March 10, 2013.  Fr. Samuel is buried in the
Priests' Cemetery, Awka, Nigeria.

Rev. Prasad Marneni first served Mass for our Tri-Parish
on Sunday, June 2, 2013 for Corpus Christi and returned
to his home and mission school in India is July 2017.

Rev. Jason Lefor was assigned to our Tri-Parishes and
first served Mass for us on June 29, 2017.
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